The Family of Birnie

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Q. Do we have a Tartan ?  A Clan ?

A. Our earliest affiliation is as a MacBirnie, a Sept of the Matheson Clan.

Possibly derived from the Gaelic Mic Mhathghamhuin, meaning “son of the bear”, the Matheson clan are closely associated with the Scottish Highlands, particularly Lochalsh in Sutherland. The traditional clan seat of Matheson was at Fort Matheson near Loch Achaidh na h-Inich.

Motto: Fac et spera (Do and hope)

Historic Seat: Fort Matheson, Ardross Castle

    As far as we know (to date), there never existed a “Birnie Clan”, however, our name did exist in Scotland, and Ireland where ever Nordic influence existed.

Fast forward a several hundred years, and today it’s a Place Name, and most of our mixed tribe ancestors adopted it as a last name when they left the parish.

Now we are big global family, and every Birnie is welcome.

Ardross Castle, Inverness-shire, Scotland, © 2008, David Kratz